Who can benefit?

Does your location have enough wind to benefit from either wind turbines or Energy Gliders

If your location is so windy that it's uncomfortable to be outdoors, a wind turbine may be a good investment. Wind turbines require average annual winds of 20 mph to be cost effective. With that amount of wind, the return on investment is on the order of ten years. Only about 15% of the inhabited world has average winds of 20 mph or more - so for most places, the return on investment is significantly longer.  

If the breezes at your location are comparatively fair, Highest Wind's Energy Glider will likely provide more energy and greater satisfaction, along with a more agreeable aesthetic. If you have average winds of 8 mph or more near the ground, you will most likely be able to benefit from an Energy Glider. The reason: 1,000 feet above our heads, the wind blows at more than twice the speed we experience on the ground. Those are the winds the Highest Wind Energy Glider™ will harvest to produce renewable energy. 

If you think you have enough wind for an Energy Glider, you may be interested in other characteristics of good Energy Glider sites.