The Energy Glider™

Wind energy for your piece of the planet.

Wind is a highly desirable source of energy: clean, safe, silent, and free.
The challenge: near ground wind speeds required by wind turbines are found on less than 15% of the planet.
Our solution: 1,000 feet above the ground, more than 50% of the Earth has enough wind to produce significant energy. The Highest Wind Energy GliderTM will capture these high-altitude winds and provide a cost-effective renewable energy solution in a small-footprint system for  distributed use.

Wind power - for low wind locations.  Can you benefit?

Farms will use Energy Glider systems to cost-effectively harvest high-altitude winds. Designed to support energy-intensive agriculture, a single Energy Glider will power most small to mid-sized farms, providing over 100,000 kilowatt hours per year.
Operating out of a 15 foot car-towable trailer and requiring a launch area  the size of a baseball diamond, the Energy Glider™ will be a complete, grid-quality disaster recovery electricity generation system, equally suitable for continuous off-grid use. 
With the potential to reliably provide over 10kW of nearly continuous power, Highest Wind’s “electricity in a box” solution can address a key quality of life issue - lack of energy infrastructure - on a community scale in the developing world.