The Studio is set in a couple of acres, with views over fields and trees  - a peaceful space to wander in. The art room itself is approximately 30 feet x 19 feet; it’s a lovely light and airy space, with plenty of natural light and underfloor heating to keep you warm even in the depths of winter and there’s masses of eco lighting too if you need it.

It’s a new venture and we’re just beginning to run classes – there is a thriving life class here on Friday mornings for example – it’s so popular we are planning more. It’s also available for personal use if you want to work on your own or for teachers to run your own classes from, or as a meeting room etc.

The environment is precious, so to try to preserve it and the planet, you’ll find an indoor toilet that looks like a conventional one but is really a very smart compost loo! Lots of insulation (which hopefully you won’t see, but makes all the difference) and lots of green and growing plants and young trees – a mini-forest in the making!

There will be no lack of inspiration - the scenery here in this part of Cornwall is wonderful - hills water sky stone buildings walls flowers coastlines cliffs sea … all easily accessible, you don’t even need to leave the studio! The view from the windows is everchanging with the seasons.

Your time... your choice.... come and enjoy the peace and freedom! Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

To enrol for a class please check availability and send us a completed enrolment form