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This website is a forum for new research, discussion, and exchange of ideas on the nature of Higher Reality. It is an arm of the 'Institute for the Exploration of Higher Reality' (in Antioch, California, USA), of which the Director is Dr. Jagdish N. Srivastava (CNS Research Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University). 

You will find articles on Science, (like the field of Quantum Reality and Foundations of Physics, Logic and Mathematics, Psychology, Brain Science, and other such fields) that have a direct or indirect bearing on deeper aspects of Reality. 

Also covered are the fields of Spirituality, Religion, Metaphysics, and Consciousness Studies. This includes the fields of physical and mental health, yoga and meditation. The articles are by the author and/or other people. We also have a section containing spiritual poetry with transliteration and translation in English. These include original poems in Hindi by the author and his wife Usha. There are also poems by other authors, both classic and modern in Sanskrit and other languages.