August 1, 2019

Welcome to a new kind of neighborhood!

Higher Ground Cohousing Community was founded in the early ’90s for people who wanted to know and interact with their neighbors, and it continues to attract such people today.

The design of the community, with individual homes clustered around a common house, shared grounds and facilities, specifically fosters such neighborly relationships.

The intentional community of Higher Ground is 39 households in a peaceful, pedestrian-oriented, and environmentally conscious atmosphere. It covers 7.3 total acres at the corner of Jackson and Daggett Lane in Bend, Oregon. The homes are about 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. and are built on privately owned lots. Many homes are energy efficient and were built with environmentally friendly materials. Approximately 3.7 acres are owned and shared as common ground.

The community’s buildings, roads, and paths were developed to adapt to the natural terrain. Beautiful rock outcroppings, natural old growth, wildflowers and two small meadows have been preserved, and recent improvements include walking paths, a children’s play area, an orchard, a pond and waterfall, picnic areas, a large and thriving community garden, and a healthy, managed community forest.

In addition to these shared grounds, common facilities include a community house for socializing and dining indoors or outdoors, a sauna and hot tub, a multiple purpose room and a guest room. The common grounds and facilities are managed through a Homeowners’ Association. Commons maintenance is a mix of community work parties and paid-help.

Many neighbors choose to gather each week for the popular Wednesday community meal. The Heart Committee organizes various annual events to nurture community. Other frequent events include meditations, community check-ins, collective gardening, NVC practice groups, fire circles and 7-at-7 small potlucks. Annual events include a music festival, a July 4th party, and winter holiday celebrations.

Other shared activities (so far!) include laughter yoga, dance parties, book study groups, movie or singer/songwriter nights, game nights, art projects, hiking, biking, walking, skiing, rafting, slides and lectures, pick-up sports, community-building workshops, music and storytelling evenings, and cooking and baking.