05. Contemporary College Student: Multicultural

This important assignment allowed Isaak Mentouri to realize the importance of considering multicultural education in different aspects of higher education. As an example practitioners in the housing residential facilities on campus can help multicultural students adjust and foster to changes through many different methods. According to the textbook author Pascarelli, Chickering’s Seven Vectors of Student Development states that maturing interpersonal relationships reflect an increasing awareness of and openness to differences in ideas, people, backgrounds, and values under the fourth vector. Through Mentouri's personal experiences living on campus, Isaak could think of ways to encourage this through activities in the residence halls. The community leaders could create questions regarding religion, and ethnicity and perhaps finding someone who fits some of those traits and meeting up with those students. This would allow the students to get to know people that are very different than they are. 

I. Mentouri's practicum has many multicultural students so this was of strong importance. Isaak M. learned that there are plenty of ways that every department on any college campus can help encourage and maintain the retention of multicultural students. Regardless of what makes the individual a multicultural student, whether it is race, sexuality, or socioeconomic standing, they all should be given opportunities to pursue higher education and reach graduation.

Isaac Mentouri,
Apr 7, 2012, 3:31 PM