Antler Gifts

Chrome bottle stops with Roe deer antler.

Vintage fish servers - antler & buffalo horn handles
 Antler Clock on Yew - Antler coronet Pen holder

Holey, soft cheese knife with Elm cheeseboard
Desk set - Antler & Yew
I then found some different uses for the antlers which were not utilised as walking stick handles


Vintage, silver plated cutlery - Antler handles

 Sugar & Jam spoons - Antler handles

Vintage Selection with Antler handles

 Not wanting to waste any offcuts I began to make a varity of different things eg. fishing priests, bottle openers, backscratchers, clocks & weather instruments to name but a few!

            Antler handled cheese knives, capped with buffalo horn
Antler pen stands, clock and calendar