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Sheena Walker

I have been sewing for very many years and have been making jewellery for the last six years. With the recent revival
in 'vintage', the two interests collided and resulted in a collection of vintage handbags and jewellery.
Many of my bags are based on ideas from `Ruby Tag`, a well known designer of romantic purses in the USA as well as vintage designs from Emma Brennan, a UK based designer. Where possible, I use authentic material and trimmings.
For the jewellery, I have a collection using genuine vintage beads, all of which are at least 50 years old and from countries such as Italy, Japan, Germany and Czechoslovakia.
I also enjoy working with wire and have re-created designs from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.
More recently, I have acquired a part share in a kiln and now fuse dichroic glass to make a series of individually designed jewellery pieces.
Everything I produce is a `one-off` and no two pieces will ever be identical. Therein lies the fun!