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How to read the weather maps

current conditions If the wind is North we head to Eagle Lake. The Calgary wind speeds (Calgary Airport) are good indicators for Eagle.  If the wind is southerly we head to McGregor, use High River and Brooks as good indicators.  If the winds are south westerly or westerly  SW or W  we head to Keho.  Use Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, AMA Granum, as good indicators....but lets face it we hardly ever leave the kiteranch!

highway cams: AMA Highway cams, current temps, wind speeds and an image updated every 30 minutes

9 panel is a great forecast tool. It models what the pressures will do for 9 days out, allowing you to NOT book meetings, RSVP that you cant make friends weddings or family outings well in advance of predicted wind!  Westerlies are our predominate pattern and are quite easy to predict.  Ideally you want to see a high pressure on the coast, and a low in northern Alberta or Saskatchewan.  The gradient lines will parallel the Rockies in Southern Alberta, this is a Chinook setup. The times shown on the maps are Zulu time, which is 6 hrs ahead of our local time. In this example  it says OZ SAT    that means this map represents Friday night at 6:00pm, that is going to be cranking at Keho and you are unable to make dinner or any other plans on Friday afternoon or night. 

wind vectors: Great short term forecast tool. This will give you very accurate wind speeds and direction for the next 48hrs. Northerlies and southerlies are typically frontal and harder to forecast more than 48 h out.. The wind speed and direction are represented by arrows showing the direction and the length of the arrow represents the speed. Less time to get out of meetings and dinner dates, but hey you’re a kiter now, your relationships should be focused on your gear and the weather.  You were warned.

forecast: What environment Canada thinks the weather looks like for the next 48hrs in a text format. Includes temp, conditions, wind speeds. 

bob's best bet:  Bob  aka Big Fella  the local weather guru forecasts conditions for Southern Alberta. The responsibility for you missing a meeting and or other engagement because of an erroneous forecast rest squarely on his shoulders if the wind doesn’t blow. If the wind does blow, you should have made up an excuse already.  We have found that it is best to refer to kiting as golfing. It is completely reasonable not to be at the office because you have a tee time, non kiters don’t get us and consider kiting  a frivolous activity, so taking time off for kiting is a no no.