Level One/Two

WATER Course 6 hrs. 2-3 sessions $250.00 Includes:
-Theory of kite flying
- Set up of trainer kite/ theory of different kites
- Wind direction and weather conditions
-Safety of where to fly/ buffer zones/ How to launch and land a kite
-Practice using safety systems / releasing the bar
- Flying patterns and managing lines
- Hook in and out of the harness/kite control drills
- Water launch and land kite solo
-Body drags on water
- intro to board riding on water
-Self rescue techniques
-Rules of the water

Upon completion of this water course, you will be able to get on and off the beach safely
and ride down wind to a predetermined spot. This course combines the Level One Land and Two Water course.
You will be able to buy gear after this course, and then all you need is more mileage.

How to sign up 

email Gord   at  info@highasakite.ca  give me your contact info, weight, and   your availability  ie; weekdays, afternoons, weekends only etc.  I can only teach when the wind blows so if I see what looks like wind for a wednesday, I contact those people who say they can get away during the week.   You will need to bring a wetsuit  they  can be rented  from the UofC,  sports rent, or I might have one that will fit. All other equipment is provided,.