The Balloon Project Team


Chief Engineer, Launch and Chase Manager

Mike was responsible for the design and launch of the capsule. His job was to get the capsule built, get it up to the stratosphere, and get it back. He also was responsible for notifying the Chase Crew Manager when the Crew Member's bathroom breaks became too lengthy.


Balloon Handler, Chase Driver, Chase Crew Manager

Tina was responsible for managing the balloon filling, driving the chase car, and keeping all parties fed and under control. She was the key point of contact for any complaints and suggestions from the Chase Crew and Chief Engineer. She handled her duties with grace and style.


Scientist, Camera Control, Chase Crew Member
Hannah was responsible for setting-up the cameras and launching the balloon. It was Hannah's idea to collect bacteria from the stratosphere and her experiment was a stunning success.

Chase Crew Member and Entertainment Co-Director
Madeline was a key member of the chase team responsible for keeping everyone entertained and positive. At a critical moment in the chase she suggested playing the "guess my animal" game which smoothed out the last 45 minutes of the drive. For her efforts both the Chief Engineer and Chase Crew Manager will be forever grateful.

Capsule builder, Scientist, and Chase Crew Member
Amelia was responsible for helping construct the capsule, running the seed experiment and participating in the chase team. Her assistance with soldering and stitching was invaluable to the project. Her seed experiment was quite clever and we expect that she will continue to make important contributions to science.

Chase Crew Member and Entertainment Co-Director
A fearless member of the chase team, Veer tracked the balloon across a field of thorny bushes and ultimately required a rescue from the Chief Engineer. Veer was a key source of entertainment during the long chase and his math puzzles demonstrated his remarkable skills.

Balloon Handler, Chase Driver, Scientist
Sandy was responsible for handling the balloon, driving the 2nd chase car, and helping with the seed experiment. Her enthusiasm and balloon filling skills were key to a successful launch.

Videographer, Chase Crew Member
Jasmine was responsible for the launch video, participating in the chase crew, and helping with the kids. Her videography skills proved invaluable in documenting the launch of the balloon.