Photography and Video

We chose the Canon PowerShot because it can be easily programmed with the Canon Hack Development Kit.  Once the firmware is loaded you can run LUA and Basic-like scripts. We set one camera to use the interval script and configured it to take pictures every 5 seconds. It's important to write down the camera set-up procedures as the process to load the CHDK firmware and start the scripts is a bit arcane and easy to mess-up while getting the balloon ready to launch.

We built a Styrofoam container for each camera and then attached HeatMax toe warmers to the back of each camera to prevent freezing. Using Velcro strips we attached the camera to the capsule and also zip-tied the camera straps to a key ring anchored to the capsule.

On the flight the camera successfully took 1,600 pictures and worked up to 80,000 feet. The other PowerShot was set to record video, it worked up to 13,000 feet.

We also used a Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder to record the upward facing view of the rocket. We wrapped this with a HeatMax foot warmer and it worked great. 

PowerShot cameras

Stryofoam container for the PowerShot

Container attached to the module with Velcro strips