Reaching the Stratosphere

Inspired by a Wired magazine article we decided to tackle a high altitude balloon project. We started the project in September 2012 and launched the balloon on November 4, 2012 from Escalon, California. After four hours of tracking we successfully recovered it 56 miles south near Los Banos reservoir.  The balloon reached 89,619 feet before bursting.

The purpose of the site is to share the details of our project for others considering a similar endeavor.  The two areas in particular where we think this will help is the avionics design and the purchase list. The avionics design required the most research and it worked flawlessly. Finding vendors for each item on the purchase list was quite laborious and we hope that having it detailed will help.

The experiments and atmospheric data are quite interesting and believe will inspire future scientific efforts.

UPDATE - May 6, 2013: 
We've started work on our next launch targeted for July, 2013. You can follow our progress on Twitter @HighAltBalloon