New Members Please read this: Membership in the MAA (our club) is contingent upon also joining the AMA (National Organization).  The AMA is the national organization which administers the insurance required to fly at our club.  
CLICK HERE to open a window for joining the AMA.  Please fill out the electronic form below to join the MAA (our club).

ALL MEMBERS Please Read this: All members need to complete the membership application.  This ensures the club has accurate membership records.  After you complete the form below, press the submit button.  You will see a message indicating that the form was successfully sent.  You'll receive an email confirmation within a day or so.  

Your cost for the online transaction fee is $3 in addition to the $90 family membership dues.  Checks are still accepted and should be made out to "Miniature Aircraft Association" and sent to M.A.A. Treasurer | P.O. Box 4183 | West Richland, WA  99353.  We request that you do NOT pay with cash.  For your protection and ours we request that you do not pay with cash unless absolutely necessary and only if you receive a receipt.  

There are two steps to the electronic registration.  1. Complete and submit the form below   2. Make payment

As not everybody is comfortable having their address, phone number or email shared; a section of the registration form will asked you to allow the club officers to share your information with other club members.  You will be given the option to have your information shared by paper only or electronically -- CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.  Electronic club rosters will not be publicly available but only shared via direct email. 

Safety Notice:  Notice that the Safety agreement includes agreement to only fly LOS (Line of Sight) and to follow AMA guidelines for the operation of FPV aircraft.  Additionally, multirotor aircraft will only be operated on the far side of the runway the same as any other aircraft.