Why work with us ?

Companies, faced with severe competition, must develop innovative and reliable service offerings while exerting full control over costs.

Our approach brings a measurable return on investment, more than advice, it's a real collaboration. We ensure involvement with the teams and in the implementation of the new strategy.
Our goals are:

A cost reduction & cash flow optimization :
- Forecasting
- Purchasing
- Stock Management
- Margin optimisation

A significant improvement in service to customers :
- Delivery Rate
- Delivery Time
- Reverse Logistic

Supply Chain & Commercial Strategy

Going beyond processes and systems, sales strategy and Supply Chain must harmonize and address changes in management challenges.

The Supply Chain has evolved in order to meet these challenges. By going one step further than just managing physical flows, it now factors in the management of information flows as part of a cross- functional approach to corporate processes.

Hi-Ex Consulting guides its customers from weighing up strategic issues through to the operational implementation phase across the following themes.

Supply Chain  
• Forecasting     
• Lean Supply Chain Management• Industrial and business plan     
• Production plan     
• Stock reduction     
• Operational dashboards     

Commercial strategy
• Sales force (dimension and structure)
• Trade terms (definition & impact)
• Product  offering (range structure)
• Customer service
• Sales administration
• Tactical dashboards

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