Hien K. Goi

MASc, Systems Control
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

BASc, Computer Engineering - Management Science Option
University of Waterloo

Bruce A. Francis
Timothy D. Barfoot: Autonomous Space Robotics Lab


Distributed Control for Vision-based Convoying
  • Control system for a convoy of full-sized vehicles with large inter-vehicle spacing to follow the lead vehicle's trajectory without cutting corners
  • Trajectory following done using only on-board sensors (avoiding the use of GPS, inter-vehicle radio communications, and road infrastructures, e.g., road markers or magnets)

  • Military supply convoy
  • Supply 'mule' vehicle for person following

  • ECE311: Dynamic Systems and Control--Lab Teaching Assistant (Spring, 2009)


Journal Papers

1. H. K. Goi, J. L. Giesbrecht, T. D. Barfoot, and B. A. Francis: “Vision-based Autonomous Convoying with Constant Time Delay”. In: Journal of Field Robotics, 27(4):430–449 (2010) doi:10.1002/rob.20344.

Conference Papers


2. H. K. Goi, T. D. Barfoot, B. A. Francis, and J. L. Giesbrecht: "Vision-based Vehicle Trajectory Following with Constant Time Delay". In: The 7th International Conference on Field and Service Robotics (2009).


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4. H. Goi, M. El Dib, X. Gao, A. Browne, N. Johnson, and R. Gorbet: "Achieving Consistent SMA Actuation Times Under Varying Ambient Thermal Conditions". In: Proceedings of 12th CANSMART International Workshop on Smart Materials and Structures (2009).


5. X. Gao, N. W. Pinto, R. B. Gorbet, R. J. Culham, A. L. Browne, N. L. Johnson, E. Kubica, M. El Dib, and H. Goi: “Priming of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators”. US Patent application filed June 2010.

  • The two videos show one and two autonomous followers tracking a manually driven lead vehicle, respectively.  The animation inlay is created from logged DGPS position and heading, which were only used for ground truth.

One Autonomous Follower

Two Autonomous Followers