The Gravity Cookbook website

This site provides material referred to our Handbook of International Economics (HIE) chapter: 

Keith Head and Thierry Mayer, 2014,  Gravity Equations: Workhorse,Toolkit, and Cookbook, Chapter 3  in Handbook of International Economics, Editor(s): Gita Gopinath, Elhanan Helpman, Kenneth Rogoff, Elsevier, Volume 4, Pages 131-195.

This research has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) Grant Agreement no. 313522 (HETMAT).

The website also provides additional resources for researchers who estimate gravity equations, in particular links and codebook for gravity-relevant datasets (including the CEPII gravity dataset) and stata programs used in our chapter.

NEW: We also provide here the replication package for our paper 

Head, K. and T. Mayer, 2021, "The United States of Europe: A gravity model evaluation of the four freedoms", Journal of Economic Perspectives 35(2): 23-48. Online appendix.

The archive contains updated code and data for gravity estimation (mostly in R)