I am a lecturer in UCL (University College London) and PI in London Centre for Nanotechnology.
My interests are in spin physics and materials science particularly using the spin-orbit interaction.

Current Address:
Office 4C6, London Centre for Nanotechnology

17-19 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH
: +44 (0)20-7679-9977 (Ex. 39977) 

My research group always looks for a new member to enjoy research together. Feel free to contact to me for PhD student, postdoc and visiting researcher availabilities - we can also arrange lab visits etc. 
We have our group website here.

What's new!
07/04/2015     A new spin-orbit torque paper was published in Nature Communications.
10/11/2014     Our magnonic charge pumping paper was published in Nature Nanotechnology.
10/08/2014     Our paper on the electric control spin-Hall effect was published in Nature Materials.
17/03/2014     Our polaron spin transport paper was out in Nature Physics.
03/03/2014     Our new spin-orbit torque paper was out in Nature Nanotechnology.