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posted Nov 12, 2009, 10:57 AM by Hideaway Valley
I have met some of the nicest people since moving to Hideaway Valley.  There is a great deal of talent and experience represented within out community. 
I was drawn to the beauty and peace of the landscape and the wild life, but was pleasantly surprised when I moved to Hideaway Valley to find every one I met was willing to assist my family.
It started with Gary Majnick giving us his copy of the phone book so we would have local phone numbers upon our return to SLC.  Later his professional experience was invaluable when our car quit working.
Charlie and Joyce Brown, we love them as if they are family.  We eat Sunday dinner with them every Sunday the first couple of months we lived here.  Joyce's tender support and Charlie's infectious humor have and continue to warm our hearts.  We could always count on them to help us.  They will always have my devotion.
Aaron Pollard pulled our trucks out of the mud when we first set our storage sheds.  We consider Aaron and his wife, Darlene, dear friends who have supported us day after day from the beginning.
Roy & Rita Walker loaned us their only generator to supply us the needed electricity to run our power tools.  We found out later what a sacrifice they had made for us, when we were told there had been a few power outs.  We deeply appreciate their assistance. 
Louise Majnick from the beginning was my cheer leader. Always helping me keep focused.  She had faith often when I did not.  Her washer & dryer, her shower, her well, chickens, her indomitable energy and love were always there for me.  We sewed, cooked, and even butchered chickens together.  What an example to me.
Tom Lefevre, as many of us know, quietly travels around our community assisting wherever there is a need.  I am sure our inexperience showed, we had GREEN written all over us.  His practical advice and assistance made life much easier.  He spent 5 days of his personal time to dig the foundation for our home.  We love him for his kindness. 
Charlie & Michelle Sterrett helped us find directions once.  Then out of the blue, Michelle called me in SLC and offered her friendship even before I moved.  They invited us to their home to meet some of the neighbors, let me use her washer & dryer, oh what good talks we had.  She would make ice for me in the middle of the Summer, how thoughtful.  She is a dear friend and I wish her well.
Annette Grant:  What a talented woman.  She is always working on one project or another.  I learn something from her every time we get together.  She shared her flower seeds with me and next year I hope to enjoy their beauty which will always remind me of her.
Von Hill and his family have been so kind to us always willing to visit.  When one of our dogs got sick his experience and advice was appreciated.
Theo and Edabee Anderson opened their home to us and let us use their computer and internet to handle an emergency communications once.  They have become valued friends.
Boyd Williams let us use his Back Hoe.  He truly was an answer to pray that day.  We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his willingness to help.
Shelly Marshall found out I was having trouble finding warm boots to protect my feet.  Went looking for just the right size boots to fit my unique feet so I would not suffer this winter.  God Bless her tender heart.
Mikel (Rich) Golden spend time in my lawn chairs out on the raw land listening to my ramblings.  Invited my family to her home so we could meet more neighbors.  Her supportive nature was and continues to be appreciated.
Cliff Johnson has hauled water for us, cut and chopped wood, loaned us equipment and been an all around great friend.
Carl & Barbara Winters loaned us their printer, and their son came to do some heavy lifting for us one day. I appreciate the lessons Barbara teaches my son in Sunday School class.  He loves her.
Julie Clements and Kami Walker have invited my children to play with their children at their homes.  Thank you for the welcoming arms.
The list goes on and on.  There are too many to name them all.  Neighborly kindness is not dead in Hideaway Valley.  You wonderful people should be the model for the Nation when it comes to neighborly kindness.  I do not want to live anywhere else.  Our little valley is a wonderful melting pot of good hearted people. 
It is important to remember just how much we appreciate one another, especially when we are passionately locked in debate over business.  Business is Business, as I have been told many times.  We can differ in opinions on how things should run without losing sight of the goodness in each other.