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posted Feb 13, 2010, 8:31 AM by Hideaway Valley

Written by: Vivian Kunz

The term “fight or flight” refers back to man’s basic survival instincts and the automatic response used to deal with impending danger. Fight, to defend one’s self or flight, to run away from danger.

Dan & I purchased land in Hideaway Valley to build a homestead where we could raise our remaining children in peace upon our own land. We knew the work would be difficult, but we were willing to do what was required. In our minds there was no retreat, we had burned our bridge so to speak, and were firmly committed to our new life.

With so much to do before us, we had no intention of getting involved with community politics. It was only after we were enlightened to the realization we were now subject to contractual law and not constitutional law regarding our property rights that we decided to get involved. Conflict seemed to engulf us without invitation and there seemed only two courses of action, “fight or flight.”

As I have already stated, we were committed to seeing our goals to completion, so there was no retreat for us. We have heard of so many families who have either left Hideaway Valley or are contemplating leaving due to the conflict caused by the constant conflict over the Association's control.

When people have strong opinions they can get very passionate and, unfortunately, can demonize neighbors with opposing view points. Unfortunately, much harm is done to individuals and families when we let our passions run away with our actions. I like what Benjamin Franklin said, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

The Kunz Family colors don't run. We intent to stay and complete our homestead. We will stand for what we feel is right. We will defend each and every neighbor's right to live their lives without fear of control by their neighbors. We will work towards restoring our constitutional property rights so we may all benefit from and enjoy our constitutional right to life, liberty, and property.