October 2016 Update and Hidden Valley Art Show

At the end of August, 2016 one of the original founders of the Friends of Hidden Valley, Daphne Nicholls,  passed away after loosing her battle with Ovarian Cancer. Daphne's friends in the group have decided on two courses of action for the coming year:

The first is to continue the main aim of the Friends of Hidden Valley, which is to guarantee that as much as possible of the 200 acre site be classified as an Environmentally Protected Area by both The Region of Waterloo and the City of Kitchener.

The second is to sponsor a second Hidden Valley Art Show. Preliminary planning for this show is currently under way and the tentative date and location are:

September, 2017
at the
Homer Watson Gallery

Artists who want to receive more information about entry requirements for this juried exhibition should go to:


To reach this address, copy and paste the address into the address bar at the top of the page and then press Return.

 Artists who are not familiar with the Hidden Valley property are invited to look at the pictures available at the following pages:
  1. For a slide show go to The Four Seasons of Hidden Valley
  2. For an explanation of what is in Hidden valley go to What is Hidden Valley ?
  3. To view some entries from the 2007 Hidden Valley Art show go to KW Artists Celebrate Hidden Valley
  4. To view a photo gallery with over 100 images click on the link below which will take you to another web site::


      5. To view a photo gallery by Neil Taylor go to:
                                                                                     Photo Gallery by Neil Taylor

Here are a few images of Hidden valley