February 2016 Update

Update on the status
Hidden Valley

As of 12 February, 2016

The new Region of Waterloo
Official plan has set aside a major green space in Hidden Valley as shown on map 4. At this time an application has been filed for a Part II order for the Environmental Assessment. This has postponed plans for road construction until either 2019 or 2020.

 The scale of the Region map makes it difficult to see the actual boundaries so the 2011 map at the right has been used to illustrate the approximate green space area for Hidden Valley on Map 4. Notice this green space does NOT allow for the Salimander protected zone (outlined by the light blue line) that was specified by the MNR. Important features to notice are the designated residential area on Hidden valley Road and the open field that has been designated 'residential are now reduced significantly. In addition the Regional Council promised in 2006 that any natural land required for the road would be replaced with adjacent land. Our position is that this replacement should be with land in the open field adjacent to the Salamander zone.


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