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Petition to Save Hidden Valley

In 2009 the Friends of Hidden Valley circulated a petition to save Hidden Valley. We were able to collect over 1500 signatures in support of the petition below. This petition was delivered to the previous Kitchener Council and also to the previous Waterloo Region Council.
At about the same time it was pointed out by one off our members that the environmental research had not been done properly and it was necessary to do further field work to determine if any endangered species were on the property. The result was the finding of a substantial population of Jefferson Salamanders and this reulted in putting road development on hold.
In 2011 we are requesting our supporters to contact Kitchener councillors directly. Please go to the conact your councillor page for details on contacting your new councillor.
                                        Click here   Contact your Kitchener councillor 
The 2009 petition we submitted was worded as follows:
Preserving Hidden Valley’s 200 acres in its natural state offers Kitchener a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance the quality of life in the city by providing:
  • Improved air quality through the preservation of about 120 acres of forest and 80 acres of open land which produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as well as five pollutants that contribute to smog days;
  • Natural water  filtration  within the Waterloo moraine and the Provincially significant wetlands before the water enters the Grand River immediately above the Region’s intake pipe, which draws 20% of the drinking water for the Region from the river;
  • A large continuous natural area for the birds, mammals, trees, amphibians and plants that inhabit Hidden Valley, including the Jefferson Salamander, one of the provincial ‘species at risk’;
  • An area of great natural beauty which will offer citizens an easily accessible natural heritage area where they will find a quiet oasis in the centre of Waterloo Region.
 We the undersigned support the activities of the Friends of Hidden Valley to:
1. Request that the Mayor and Council of the  City of Kitchener designate the acquisition of Hidden Valley as the most important project for the Local Environmental Action Fund;
2. Request the Mayor and Council to act immediately to guarantee the purchase of the entire 200 acre property.
To add your name to the petition, please follow the steps below.
 STEP 1- Highlight the text and table below and copy it to the clipboard.
 Name  Street Address City      Postal Code
STEP 2--Double Click on the link in Step 3 below. When the E-mail page appears, click the cursor to the first line of the message window and then PASTE the message from the clipboard into the E-mail.
STEP 3- Fill in your information in the table and then SEND the message.
Thank you for your support. Together we will help to make the growing city a better place to live for all.
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