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Membership in the Friends of Hidden Valley

The Friends of Hidden Valley is a volunteer non profit organization whose members are citizens of Waterloo Region. Our main purpose is to work towards the preservation of the Hidden Valley natural heritage lands that are located in the south of Kitchener in the space that is bounded by Hwy #8 in the east, the Grand River to the south-east, Fairway Road to the north and Wabanaki Drive to the west.

  Aerial View of the 200 acre Hidden Valley property located in Kitchener, Ontario

Membership includes the following:
1. Attendance at meetings of the Friends.
2. Willingness to serve on committees that work towards the objective of preserving Hidden Valley.
3. Willingness to attend public meetings, held by Kitchener or the Region of Waterloo, when topics related to Hidden Valley are discussed.
To join the Friends of Hidden Valley, please E-mail us at the link presented below. In your message please provide the following information:
                              1. Name
                              2. Address
                              3. Telephone numbers- home, cell or business
                              4. E-mail address
                              5. Any special interests or talents you have to help with our work.
Support our 2011 campaign to save Hidden Valley at:  Contact your Kitchener councillor
                                                                                           and at  Contact your Regional Councillor