Who Is Darnell Clayton?

And what's with the vent into cyberspace?

Well, for those who care (and for those who don't) I am a blogger--plain and simple.


Usually hanging around the edge of whatever group I am "classified under," I ventured into cyberspace as it was the perfect legal place to vent my various opinions regarding life and how I saw it.


Although I have various interests, my life pretty much revolves around four subjects:

 My main blogs pretty much deal with those topics, although I am known to venture off into a tangent. ;)


For those of you interested in the boring details of my life, I am a young adult who is currently in the Financial Services Industry. I am also into web design (for weblogs that is) and enjoy hanging out with friends and family, as well as running.


I'd provide more details, but we do live in a world full of weirdo's so if you want to contact me, simply IM me via Skype (HiddenNook) or you can call me at 1.864.641.1918 . Peace!