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A Trek to Laka Glacier

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Trip Itinerary

Day 0:
6:50 pm: Leave for Dharamshala (Semi-deluxe HRTC bus from Delhi)


Day 1:
6:45 am : Reach Dharamshala

Find rest house near Mcleodganj.
Book Forest Rest House (FRH), Triund (for the next day) from the Forest Dept. office, Dharamshala. (01892-224887)
Visit Dalai Lama Monastery.
Trek to Bhagsunag temple, waterfall and Shiva Café (20 min trek from Mcleodganj)

Day 2:
6 am: Start trek for Triund (2827m) from Mcleodganj
12 am : Reach Triund

Stay at the FRH for night.

     Bhagsunag waterfall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The FRH at Triund

Day 3:


9 am: Start trek for Laka Glacier (3200m). It’s           3-4 km trek.
12 am : Reach Laka Glacier.
3pm : Start return trek to Triund.

5pm: Reach Triund.

Day 4:
8 am : Start return trek for Mcleodganj
11 am: Reach Mcleodganj
             Visit the monastery.
6pm: Take return bus to Delhi. (semi-deluxe)

Near Laka Glacier

Quick Facts:

1.    Mcleodganj is 10 km uphill of Dharamshala and shared jeeps (@Rs10/-) are available.

2.       Triund is pronounced as Tri(as in trishul)-yoond

3.       The FRH at Triund needs to be booked from the Forest Dept. office, Dharamshala. (01892-224887). In case of its unavailability ask the localites about any jugaad in the form of private huts, or there’s always an option of renting a tent and sleeping bags from Dharamshala.

4.       If accomodation at Triund is not possible, then return from Triund the same day.

5.       Carry lots of food (non-perishable) and water to Triund (check if FRH has water).

6.       A visit to Dalai Lama monastery is a must.