I'm of the mind that "you don't know what you don't know". I know the popular Boulder and Denver eats, but what about those HIDDEN GEMS? -EFalk

Boulder +

  • Cafe Aion - tapas - This place reminds me of Brooklyn!  - EFalk
  • Il Pastio - italian - "Hands down best Italian in Boulder" -SarahB (small, not open wkends)
  • Ras Kassas - ethiopian - "Boulder does have Ethiopian food! And it's delicious!"
  • Tiffins - south indian - "different than any Indian I've had in Boulder."
  • Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse - "Delicious food, best chai, and beautiful atmosphere!"
  • Fabulous for brunch and afternoon tea     complete with AMAZING desserts. -EFalk
1770 13th Street 
(hidden in the "not Pearl Street way")
  • The Pinyon - Great food, great beers, great People... 
  • Japango - Sushi - "awesome sushi" - Greg
  • The Kitchen [Next Door] - "Same great flavors and service as The Kitchen, but all menu items are under $10. Great for lunch or a casual dinner, with plenty of seating a strong beer/wine list."
  • Pica's - burritos/tacos - "Pica's is an awesome burrito and taco place. It's hard to imagine such a cute little restaurant tucked away in a strip mall - esque location, but this place is great! Their food is delicious and they have an adorable back patio that is colorful and perfect for summer. They are also the go-to place for World Cup (and all) soccer games." 
  • China Gourmet - chinese - "I have heard a lot of people say that you can't find good Chinese food in Boulder and they are the same people who don't know about China Gourmet. They have a nice family style atmosphere and the most delicious and huge wonton soup! Also try the Tangerine Prawns!" ***Insider's tip - they only take cash or check.  
  • Saxy's Cafe - coffee shop - "Best place to work from home"in Boulder...try the home-made whipped cream. Yum. They also serve great salads, paninis, and breakfast all day!" Pearl Street
  • Chez Thuy - vietnamese - "delish pho and other traditional and fusion Vietnamese food.  The Vietnamese slaw is an amazing citrus starter (no mayo) for $3.95.  Whaaat!?"
  • Tangerine - breakfast - THIS PLACE LOOKS ADORABLE.
  • Mateo - they said American/Euro, I say French =) "Classy little place for American/European style fare and drinks."  
  • "Sweet spot for mellow drinks. Great beer on tap!"

Denver +

  • Zengo - latin-asian - Maybe not hidden exactly, but still an amazing find :-)
  • The Walnut Room - pizzeria - "Fantastic happy hour specials - and a great beer selection!" ... and its a music venue.
  • Masterpiece Delicatessen - "Best Pastrami and Italian sandwiches I have ever had." Now that's a bold statement. I like it.
1575 Central St, Denver Co 80211
  • Linger - brilliant menu - I love the name of this place! 2030 W. 30th Ave, Denver, CO 80211
  • Sushi Sasa - japanese - You just can't get enough delicious suuuuuushi. 
  • JambaJuice - JUICE - "They have 6 secret juice mixes you have to ask for." What are they??
  • Forest Room 5 "They have THE best Truffled French Fries and a pretty sweet happy hour menu!" I happen to know this person and they KNOW good food. -EFalk
  • Columbine Steakhouse - steakhouse - "No trendy names here... Been around for at least 50 years and the best $8 steak you've ever had (no joke, the steak is solid)."