Shiny Geek Treats

Hello Sci fi Fans, Monster Buffs, and Lovers of all things Geeky, Weird   and Wonderful! We have some lovelies just for you. We create  Photographic Art on Steel with all kinds of fun imagery along with coasters, minimags, and 3D sculptures. Our Austin Monsters and Mayhem Photographic Art Series shows various creatures in Austin, Texas . We also have done some for other cities and areas.

Iron Man visited us at
the Here There Be Monsters Con 2013.
He really liked our Plan 9 from Outer Space.
                                                                               New shiny!
Austin Monsters and Mayhem Series:

Cupcake Abduction  

                                                          Godzilla vs Austin                 'The Watering Hole'
                                                                                                         Mustang Unicorns at the 
                                                                                                              Horseshoe Lounge               Flying Saucers over Austin Cthulu on the Congress Ave
           'Bat Bridge'                                                                                                                                                                         
            We love Austin and felt this series captured the Keep Austin Weird vibe.         
            More artwork will be added as we find more creatures about Austin. We
            are always ready with our trusty camera to get the best shots of local
              Austin 'wildlife'. ;) If you have suggestions or would like to purchase a
            photo on steel, please contact us at
            Also check out our upcoming show list. 

More Shiny Treats  
                       Can't Stop the Signal
                                                                           on steel with circuit board
Earth vs The Flying Saucers
with 3D saucer popping out
'Cause we love vintage scifi,
especially Ray Harryhausen

Fun 3D minimags..Yeah, Dinos ARE Cool!