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Art prides himself on making his own flower centers out of gemstones and other rocks. He can sometimes be found demonstrating polishing techniques with various lapidary equipment. The picture to the right was
taken at E.A.S.T. 2012 where he had a group of people watching him polish raw cut amethyst.

info on the history of whitesmithing:

Makin' Schtuff:

Art Making Crown and Prong Mount Flowers

    These videos show us making various metal sculpture pieces. Art uses several techniques to create his flowers. Some he learned from his Opa who did jewelry. We call many of his flower pieces 'Jewelry for the Home' as they are created just as a piece of jewelry is made. He uses various bezel techniques to mount the gemstones into his flowers.

  Rebecca creates various 3D metal sculptures. While Art's pieces tend to be more naturalistic, Rebecca works more in the abstract. Her figures represent the shimmery part of the Soul. She has various pieces including Angels, Dancers, Singers, and Faeries. She also creates metal canvases and uses different treatments to make a unique piece of art.

Rebecca Making Angels


    Both Artists start with a piece of metal. They draw out a pattern to be cut, then cut it out with a plasma torch. Once the piece is cut, it is then ground and polished, then hammered and worked into shape using Whitesmithing. After that, it may be heat treated, patina-ed, inked, or painted. Then various gemstones, 3D objects, etcetera may be incorporated into the piece. All pieces are unique and handmade by Arthur and Rebecca Schoenig.

'The Drama of Steel' (1946) vintage documentary film:

The Drama of Steel

That video is so inspirational, it makes you want to
go hammer on some steel. sigh. We love using steel along with other metals to create our artwork. Its just
so shiny and fun.

Here at Hidden Dragon Art, we use good ol'
Recycled 'Merican Steel. We have been known
to make artwork from car bumpers, discarded
vent hoods, and whatever we can get our grubby
little hands on. We believe in Recyclin' and doin' our part.

Handy Dandy 'Where Can I Recycle Steel' database:

'Steel...the EnviroMetal' blog:

Man Woman Art Show:                                                                                         

Man Woman Art Show

We tossed around the idea of starting a video series called 'Man, Woman, Art Show' loosely based on the 'Man, Woman, Wild' idea. Art shows can be grueling environments with factors such as 110 degree days on hot asphalt, driving out to the middle of nowhere collecting rocks for art, getting up in the dark and trying to make sure we've got everything including ourselves in the van, etc. We will make more videos and add some as we go along. Oh, and we still are using the card processor electrical tape and all. Hey,it works!

Newscast Press vid of previous holiday show:

Art's hammering on metal and Rebecca shows off some colorful stuff

NewsCast Press Vid of Previous Holiday Show

                      The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Exploring the atomic composition of steel

Exploring the atomic composition of steel

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