HICSL at Kwangwoon University performs research on RF integrated circuit design, microwave integrated circuit design, high-speed analog/digital integrated circuit design in CMOS, SiGe HBT, III-V HBT, III-V FET technologies. 


We believe the purpose of our education and research is to bring up a PERSON or an ENGINEER with the following three characteristics.


Present engineering society needs competitive engineers who can perceive engineering problems, figure out their root causes, and find out appropriate resolutions under various limited constraints. Competitiveness of an engineer as well as an organization comes from enthusiasm toward the goal, hard working in an efficient manner, deep and thorough knowledge on the fundamentals, and continuing efforts with goal-driven confidence. We believe the first goal of our education and research efforts is to bring up competitive engineers who can contribute to the present engineering society.


Engineer needs to be cooperative as well as competitive. They are equally important and essential characteristics in engineering society. Any person cannot work alone, but they must learn to work in a team environment. An engineer working in a team may look small, but the results from a team are far greater than those from an isolated but competitive individual. 
Competitiveness must come first before cooperation. We must keep in mind that nobody wants to work with a cooperative person who delivers no helpful results, and in the same way, nobody cannot work with a non-cooperative person with tons of great fruits.


Although compassion seems to have no direct connection with engineering activities, we believe it should be the most fundamental characteristic of an engineer of our education. The role of compassion is like the lubricant oil when competitiveness and cooperation works as a saw-toothed wheel. We cannot imagine any mechanical system work without lubricant oil. 
It will break out eventually. 

If engineers in an organization do not know what the compassion is, how they posses it, and when they show it to colleagues, the organization will suffer from big trouble. We don’t want to raise a trouble-making engineer. Deep awareness of the suffering of colleagues and immediate action with wish to relieve it will be the most essential ground to form an engineering community.

Hyunchol Shin