Hickling Methodist Chapel
(Field Meeting No. 5)

Hickling Local History Group
Field Meetings:

Thirty-six Field Meetings were arranged during the active years of the History Group. All but two visited parts of our historic Norfolk village which dates back over 1000 years. Research was undertaken so that comprehensive notes could be prepared to accompany these meetings. Many of the notes were illustrated by artist members of the Group, providing in some cases a pictorial history which does not exist elsewhere.

On two of the meetings, numbers 21 (St. Mary's Church Bells) & 35 (Visit to the School), "Notes" were not originally prepared for the group. We have however now constructed two sets of notes for so that the set here on this website is now complete.

The Field Meeting notes were originally produced on A4 cream coloured paper, folded to make a four page (in some cases six or eight) A5 pamphlet. To view them here on the internet would have been rather clumsy due to the original page layout, so we have modified them to be read as consecutive single pages. You may notice that Field Meeting Numbers: 25 & 30 have more than one note. It was felt that for ease of use on the day, the notes should be split. We have faithfully followed the formatting of the originals so that what you see here is exactly as you would have seen it on each original page. As with all the publications here at Hickling History, personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers etc. have been removed. Should you wish to contact anyone mentioned in the notes, we will try and put you in touch if you contact us by email with your details.

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