The Parelli Report

Two incredible soul inspiring horse events in a fortnight! Wow! I am fortunate. 

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MaryAnn Kennedy



'You need to attend a horse event that", someone said, "that shows true horsemanship."  She was right. I was there as an audience member - not a videographer - and I could allow myself the luxury of total observation.

 It was truly an eye-opening experience. These people don't force their horses to do anything nasty. They don't hurt them with awful equipment, they don't beat them or spur them. They teach humans to understand the horse, calm their fears, encourage horseplay and thereby gently get the horse to do what comes naturally. The horses looked as though they enjoyed themselves as much as the humans. It was truly inspirational. I hope all horse owners learn from this system. 

Cruelty is totally unnecessary and should be actively discouraged and prosecuted.

When you see the good side of the horse world you'd have to be incredibly hard-hearted to go back.

Mary Ann Kennedy sang a very beautiful song whilst Linda Parelli danced with her horse. Mary Ann is a tiny woman, just two bricks high with an astonishingly powerful voice. It was momentous and extraordinary. I recommend her CD's for anyone whose heart needs comfort - horse person or not.  Here is her website:


Pat, MaryAnn & Linda Parelli. 

Linda & Pat Parelli have a larger-than-life presence - and it really works.

They do good work and I believe it would be worth the expense to learn this style of horsemanship.