South America

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 A quote from Nancy's letter from Peru:

"The jungle is so incredible. Ill tell you more later. Went to a Yagway Indian village and shot poison darts and danced with them. Met a woman along the river who had Giant lillypads in her bayou. I mean GIANT!!! She also had a baby sloth that was SO cute. I carried it around. Her son had an Anaconda and it wrapped around my wrist and began to squeeze till my hand turned blue,wild!! We arrived in Iquitos and took a two hour boat rid down river to our lodge which was cool. Next day we took another 2 hour speed boat ride further into the jungle to the coolest place where this man has created an amazing study,research place that has the longest canopy walks in the world. We were 150 feet in the air walking on swinging bridges through the trees. SO beautiful. At on point you could see all the way to Venezuela and Equador. I saw right close up a Taper, some other animal that is the largest rodent in the world (kind of cute and it let me touch it). All kinds of birds and the other things. Yesterday I went fishing for PIRAHANNA and caught a bunch. We ate them for lunch. Better to eat them than for them to eat me!"