A few pics I was able to rescue before my computer had a stroke


I took this picture at a cowboy ranch of a friend who was born in the saddle out west.

KYLE WYLEY: Handsome young singing star & his erstwhile manager Pam Lovelace. 

This boy is destined for stardom.


I was a child once upon a time before there was much color... 

 This was taken at Kariba Dam in Zambia (then called Northern Rhodesia). It was the day the sluice gates were opened for the first time. I remember the event distinctly. I am the one standing with my brother behind my little sister.

Dad as a young man in Kariba. 


Horsing around in a cool, huge house (not mine, for heaven's sake! I'm still a starving immigrant) in somewhere out far east Tennessee.

 Governor of Tennessee. I decided he was a fine fellow indeed. He has proved to be a good governor. He told me he had been to South Africa and he was treated very well.