Conversation with Jackie Q&A

 Unapologetically Woman, a traumatic series of occurrences has left her a bit shellshocked, still blindly idealistic, holds herself accountable for her impact on the world.


Videographer, TV producer, Photographer. Born and raised in Africa. Left after personal exposure to too much scary stuff. Love the small things, appreciate authenticity. 

Q: How do you define yourself?

A: That's a hard one. I still battle with that. I still tend to hug the notion that I am what I do but life is teaching me hard lessons. Being a starving immigrant managed to strip away all the things one could call superficial. The one thing that came through as most important is kindness. The sum total of life's misery or joy is created by the small acts of thoughtfulness & kindness or absence thereof. I'll have to think about question a bit more.

Q: What are your plans for your future career here in America?

ACareer? I no longer have a 'Career' I have things I do - mostly around video work but it's not by any means anything other than what I do. I do have dreams, though, big ones. I hope they come to fruition because those hopes have kept me holding on through times of deep despair and homesickness. Now if you ask me about those dreams I will tell you.

Q: So tell - what are your dreams?

A:  Peas in the world - and beans, too. No, seriously though, it's to do my bit to bring back good manners, fair play, honesty, honor and neuter perverts. And I would do that by means of a TV series baked into to a cooking show.

Q:  What flicks your ON switch?

A:  Beauty, authenticity, love, animals, the environment, self-sufficiency, characters, sense of humor, good chocolate.


  • Childhood in Zambia.
  • Released baboons destined for laboratory experiments.
  • Bust an Asian breeding domestic dogs for chinese restaurants.
  • Held an uncut diamond 57 carats in her hand.
  • Met the King of the Zulus.
  • Met Nelson Mandela.
  • Stopped a maniac from killing her friend's father and his dog - the dog then growled at her years later.
  • Learned to speak goat & squirrel and a bit of chicken.
  • Worked on two award winning  shows.
  • Had a movie script made into a feature.  
  • Survived heartbreak, terrorism, 3 rape attempts, 10 years in the USA.
  • Survived in spite of herself.
  • Made friends with an owl, had the greatest dog ever known. 
  • Knew an elephant, and a dolphin. 
  • Climbed incredible mountains, hiked beautiful forests, seen the Grand Canyon.