Noble Organic Juice

Incredible response to this juice by the cells of my body! 

We have gradually accepted nutritional mediocrity as the norm and our health has suffered. The powers that be have provided us with bulk foods with little nutritional content. They have messed with the genetics of seeds and weakened our immune responses. 

The harvest of this crop is - and can only be - disease. 

Late at night, I had to go to the monster Walmart. In the healthy section, there I found this funny little bottle of juice. It was labelled organic which to me means no nasty chemicals and no weird ass additives.

I drank some juice - it tasted less sweet than other stuff I drink - but it dusted off some memories from childhood in Africa when juice tasted different - more alive. 

The next day I sipped on this juice and, to my delight, I felt full of energy. Even my 49 year old brain perked up. I felt happy - and then, impressed.

I decided to contact the company. To my surprise I received a personal, prompt and extremely friendly response. In my email, I beseeched the company to not aspire to become a greedy and monstrous corporation no matter how popular their products may become. They assured me that they would not and that they are a family concern. 

Is it not time, in this world of global markets and corporate domination, that the smaller, better quality enterprises be once again given the stage. Something for almost everyone - rather than everything to the few?

This is the link to their site: see for yourself - even better taste for yourself.




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