More Pictures

More random shots from my Immigrant American journey  

It's true! I have had lots of fun days - even in Nashville.  




This was a great day. That's my friend, Tony on the left, me, Sara Byrd & Rene`. 

 Isn't this the coolest car in the world? They can advertise the stuffing out of all new cars but sorry to tell you: they are all ugly, ugly, ugly!

I took these stills with my video camera. This is my friend Linda at the Parthenon replica here in Nashville, TN. - and not a Greek to be found! 

 These elephants were crossing the road in front of me when I went home to Africa last time. They are in Addo Elephant Park. I recommend going there if you want an up close and personal experience with them. My advice is, don't get too cute and get out of the car - they may indeed squash you, stupid human. 

This was taken just a few months before I walked out on my whole life after my Mother was attacked in the  "new" South Africa. This is the day I met Nelson Mandela - he truly is a great man with much wisdom.  

 Worked really hard for very little money - above picture.