Life is all about...

Sometimes I think I have an inkling and then the inkling vanishes 


Next year I will turn 50 years old. I know a number of women who are more or less the same age and their responses to their ages varies. I do not want to trap myself into that youth acceptance hooey. I choose rather to celebrate that I survived so long without losing limbs, life or the entire scope of my sanity (just bits here and there). 

It is therefore expected of me by myself and those much younger to have an opinion on WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. Thus it shall be that I have a moment here and there to jot down a random thought. Right here tonight being blighted by insomnia I had a small cloud of contemplation go scooting across my mind's horizon and it went something like this:

So many millions of people in the world and all those millions of people with a world within - all striving for similar sets of things - assuming you have a bit of a brain. All with damaged hearts and defective synapses trying to aspire or not to aspire. All, for the most part, reacting instead of acting. 

Every action is the consequence of a reaction which in turn is caused by a reaction. Your great grandfather had a real chip on his shoulder about, oh say, water for whatever reason - maybe his great, great, great, great, great grandfather's brother had drowned in a river. Now that passes down in families if parents aren't careful. 

Then along comes you - bit flabby even as a boy - did not do well in swimming at school - would've preferred to sit on the sidelines and eat rubbish. You react to the teasing by becoming a bit more resentful towards your fellows and this continues through your life - you compensate either by becoming pedantic, developing strange habits on the computer or finding other little dumplings who share the same fogged up spectacled view of the world and your offspring (cute little puddings that they are) have a recalcitrance towards water sports. You have now devloped a career with the EPA (you are no dummy) which also involves dealing with water pollution and purification. You don't really give a hoot (be honest, deep down) about how many fish go belly up nor do you care that 10 scrawny and active kids get some nasty e-coli which gives them the severe trots. 

And so it goes. See how everything is an action, reaction, action reaction. Without intelligent and honest, shine-a-light-in your eclipsed space-time continuum, you, my dear, will cause not only chaos in your world but in the whole world - ultimately - and not a long time to come ultimately - I mean within a matter of days, hours, months. Why not a long time to come ultimately? Because, everything and I mean everything, is somehow being sped up and magnified as planet earth spins towards her countdown. 

And that, is my thought for the night.

Do something special with your life: be honest in your inside world, our outside world and live it to overflowing. 

I don't mean stupid things like addictions or perversions but good and honest and all the way through contemplations and experiences.