F. O. S.H.

There is a groundswelling of Humans who have had ENOUGH of horse abuse and are doing something about it.

 From Wild Africa to Equestrian Showgrounds? - why?



From the first moment I laid eyes on the horses in the arena I knew that they were happy, spoiled - if a little plump - horses and this would NOT be a show where that heart-in-your-mouth dread that something-bad-is-going-to-happen .

My intuition proved to be correct and for four days - even though the hours were horrendous for my young partner and myself - I allowed myself to be swept away by joyful emotions and childlike delight at the antics of all equine beauties and their loving owners. It was a horse show I will never forget. It was as a horse show should be - stress-free horses romping around and doing their thing - as naturally as possible. There was no whipping that I witnessed, no kicking, no nasty bits, no hurting horses. All seemed so well adjusted and happy to be out and socializing.

The judges were extremely strict and obviously gave a damn about the standards of sound horse judging. I could actually relax and enjoy the show - except we had to work so terribly hard. Once you have attended a FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) show I doubt whether - if you still have a soul - you could ever in good conscience return to the suffering equines of the walking horse arena or the saddlebred or the cutting horses or the morgans for the purpose of commerce or pleasure.

The FOSH show was to me a floating island paradise surrounded by a dark and deadly sea. Out 'there', in the world of equestrian videography from whence I hailed until the unbearable galling of my gut and the dawning of the Light in my petty little life, where greed and ego rule over any mercy or kindness towards the animals.

Is my oversensitivity to the plight of living creatures because I was born this way, wandered amongst them in Africa as a child? Or, could it be that the extremes of my circumstances both physical and mental of my immigrant saga in America has left me feeling more like an abandoned animal than a human? Both reasons are probably correct.

The contrast between a cruel show and a kind show is so incredibly shocking that I feel I must do my utmost to expose cruelty and bring to light this wonderful organization and the truly good people who spearhead the movement.