HiBrow TVideo Productions

Specializing in Equestrian Videography, Up&Coming Musicians, Cooking & Travel Shows. For the love of horses & all things moving pictures.  My equestrian videography has included American Saddlebred, Morgan, Friesian and Walking Horses. 


Best Horse Music in the World

Most Incredible Horse Photographer

A cool magazine - The Gaited Horse




Another optimistic South African making waves abroad. 


She has a great COOKING BLOG called COOKSISTER (which really only means something to a South African) 



Murder of a true blueblood Saddlebred 

Another Link to this horrible horse murder: "Wild Eyed and Wicked" is no more!

 The REAL news from the "New South Africa"


 Journey - health or death?for independent, uninsured video producer - me! Let the journey begin...

 I attended my first Parelli Equestrian event! Horsemanship as it is supposed to be. The Parelli Report

Oh My Gosh! Here Comes FOSH: Friends of Sound Horses

Winning at any cost - Roadster class - Saddlebred - report from September

Pictures - darn hard on dial up

More Pictures still hard on dial up

 So what's life Life is all about...

The gripes against the advertising business

Stolen horses


So impressed by this Noble Organic Juice, I have to dedicate a page!

A powerful quote from my dear friend Nancy who has returned from a quest in South America:

"Crying is the absolute BEST thing to do. I had an Indian medicine man say to me one time,

" How do I know when I cry a tear whose crops it may be watering somewhere across the ocean"

Some days I feel like this chipper looking pioneer! Immigration can be a tough road to travel. Found this picture in an old church building. Bought it for $5.00. There were some very odd people in that town.

Well, okay - we do  other stuff, too:

A handsome star  to be watched - fame is heading his way!

My young friend - Tinkerbelle

Another picture of the handsome musician

We did a shoot of young Kyle Wyley at a trendy restaurant called The French Quarter. I was too busy to eat their food but it did not appear that people  were rushing off to the jazz or anything like that.  


I'll put some clips up soon. Impossible on dial up!