Hibicus Coast Branch of the NZSoG

Who Are We

The New Zealand Society of Genealogists is a parent body and, under its umbrella, there are over 90 autonomous branches through-out New Zealand,each operating with its own executive committee.

The national organisation, located in Panmure, Auckland, issues a magazine at two-monthly intervals; provides library services and research material, but does not provide any financial assistance to its branches. Our members also volunteer as helpers in this Library.
The Hibiscus Coast Branch was formed in 1984 by a body of enthusiastic researchers, all with the common goal of researching family and social
history and promoting the same goals in their local area. The Branch today has a membership of over 120, most of whom also belong to the parent organisation.

Income is derived from Member subscriptions and is supplemented by raffles, magazine/book sales and the occasional seminar.
When the new premises for the Orewa Public Library was completed in 1996, our branch was allocated an area within the Library and we deposited over 300 books which form the nucleus of today’s genealogy library.

In 2009 we were offered and accepted the opportunity to move our resources from Orewa to Whangaparaoa Library, and this move was completed in December of that year.
This area is open to the members and the general public and holds three fiche readers,two computers, fiche and CD libraries along with many more books and magazines. The Genealogy Section of Whangaparaoa Library is staffed four mornings each week by two volunteers at each session, and of course our shelved books are always available for the general public to read. The Branch is also an ordering point for Films (I G I) Later Day Saints.

Apart from the Library, the Branch holds a general monthly meeting and two cottage meetings per month. We continue to search for interesting and knowledgeable guest speakers to assist us in our research.
The venue for our monthly meeting is St Chad’s Church Hall in Orewa, a central location which provides an avenue for members from Warkworth to Helensville to learn and enjoy an exciting hobby which can benefit not only themselves, but members of their family. Cottage meetings are held in a member’s own home.

What Our Branch Offers

We are interested in finding information about our relatives.

We try and assist one another. We have members that sometimes are researching the same name.

We run what we call "Cottage" groups. These are normally a group with similar interests get together for a cuppa and chat.

We have two computer groups that focus on using a computer for recording family history. Levina runs a Family Tree Maker User Group and Alan runs a Legacy Family Tree User Group (see our newsletter for details of both)

We have an area in the Whangaparaoa Library which is manned by volunteers to assist members with our resources and also help any member of the public.

If you feel you would like to assist then we would be grateful for your time. You don't need to be an expert just a little knowledge and we train you.

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