LDS Scriptures for iPhone

eBooks for use with ruBooks app. 

I am making this stuff for my personal use. However, anyone is invited to join. 

You will need ruBooks app to able to enjoy eScriptures on your iPhone. See the instructions on the buttom of page.


So far, I have compiled the following books [you can download to your iPhone]:

- JS Bible Translations

- Book of Mormon

- Doctrine and Covenants

- Pearl of Great Price

- LDS Hymnbook

- Russian Sinodal Bible

- Bible [ King James Version] + OT Apocrypha books 

- Teachings of Presidents [ Joseph Smith ]  


On the list (depending on my free time):

-- Ensign magazines 2008.

- Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual 2008.

- Russian versions of BoM, D&C ans PoGP.

- Korean and Chinese versions of Scriptures.



If you are an advanced user: 

1. Add this repository source to Installer.

2. Install "ruBooks" app on your iPhone.

3. Download scriptures and enjoy.

If you are a regular user, pls go to my tutorials: How to add source and How to use ruBooks