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Bee pollen

It is a very unique fine

powder formed on

plants which fertilises

other plants naturally.

It helps to prevent many

 diseases and  slow

down the ageing


It also reduces skin

pigentation associated

with old age and

enables one to live

longer and healthier.


Composition : protein 35

 % , vitamin B1 , B2, B5 ,

 B6 , folic acid , etc


Direction : mix 1/2

teaspoon bee pollen

with honey to drink once

 wevery morning. Do not

 keep in cold storage.



Propolis is marketed by

health food stores as a

traditional medicine for

the treatmnt of

inflammations, viral

diseases, ulcers,

superficial burns or scalds.






According to ancient Chinese  "Shennong Herbs Text" honey is an excellent medicine. With no side effects in the long term it slows down ageing and increases one's energy to prevent constipation.
The main uses of honey are in cooking ,  baking, as a spread on breads , and as an addition to various beverages such as tea and as a sweetener in commercial beverages.

Other medical applications

Some studies suggest that the topical use of honey may reduce odors, swelling, and scarring when used to treat wounds; it may also prevent the dressing from sticking to the healing wound.

Compostion: Vitamin B1, B2 , B6 , C , K Folic Acid

Direction: Mix 2 teaspoons honey with warm or cold boiled water and drink 2 times daily.

Do not keep in cold storage

Royal Jelly

Itis a special product rich in protein and is the substance secreted by bees after digesting pollen and nectar. It is also a special food for the Queen Bee. Royal Jelly prevents many diseases and is used as a  beauty product by many ladies !

Composition: protein 45%, vitamin B1 , B2 , B3 , invert sugar 20 % , amino acids 14 % , panthotenic acid and folic acid

Direction : 1/2 teaspoon royal jelly & water to be consumed on its own or mixed with honey once every morning.

Do not keep in cold strorage