Google Historical Voyages and Events: Bethlehem Central School District is participating in the global project, "Google Historical Voyages and Events" - a website dedicated to the "explorers, voyages, events, and historical backgrounds of countries throughout the World." The "Google Historical Voyages and Events" website has contributions from schools all over the World, as they tell about the histories of their areas or study famous historical events.  Our school has joined this project as part of a global learning experience.

Our site will tell about the famous explorer, Henry Hudson.  We hope you'll enjoy learning more about how Henry Hudson became part of our history, as we enjoy learning about your countries and histories.

Albany, New York will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's famous voyage to find a Northwest passage in 1609.  Our teachers and students are doing a project to trace Henry Hudson's route, learn about the hardships the crew faced, and learn from doing research, including using the primary source documents of Robert Juet's journal.

Our project started with 4th and 5th grade teachers in Hamagrael Elementary School. As we worked on the project, more departments and grade levels became involved. Our school district is in upstate New York, located near the state capital, Albany, which is located on the Hudson River, named for Henry Hudson's famous voyage.

We have traced the route of the Halfmoon, which you can see in the Google Maps and Google Earth projects we've posted for your use. We've included worksheets, links to the WEB, pictures, drawings by our students, and lessons you can use to learn about this voyage. If you click on the pins in our Google Map or our Google Earth project, you will find information and resources you can read and download.

Google tools used in this project:

  • Google Maps (click on the pins)
  • Google Earth (click on the pins)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Notebook
  • Google Image Search

Final Projects:

  1. Google Map - trace the route of the voyage in 1609 and download resources. Click on the pins for links and worksheets
  2. Google Earth - download the KML file and play in Google Earth. Click on the pins for links and worksheets.
    •  Link to the KML file
    •  Download FREE Google Earth application

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 Henry Hudson
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Henry Hudson's Route



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