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C. Ben Davis

List of C. Ben Davis Award Recipients

1968 Duk Pohl and Herbert Pirk
1969 Craig A. Davis
1970 James Turner and Bill Carpenter
1971 not awarded
1972 Jim LaCasse and Barry M.P. Doyle
1973 Elizabeth Simpson & Mark Stasiulis
1974 Debbie Battrum and Ed Chamot
1975 Fielding Sherwood
1976 Neil Reid and Meg Morden
1977 Laura Byatt and Gain Wong
1978 John Todd
1979 not awarded 
1980 John McCandless & Norine Webster
1981 Steve Younker
1982 Debbie Selig and Mary Cupples
1983 Carolyn Liddell and Bob Shepard
1984 Julie Rogers and Tim Richards
1985 not awarded
1986 not awarded
1987 Martin Head and Rimas Kalesynkas
1988 Alison Liddell
1989 Dimitra Tzamtzis
1990 Martina Lee and Dwayne James
1991 unknown
1992 Barry Green
1993 unknown
1994 unknown
1995 unknown
1996 unknown
1997 Mark Kummerer
1998 unknown
1999 Rebecca Metcalfe
2000 unknown
2001 unknown
2002 Jason Collins
2003 Alex Ayers
2004 Rachel Katz
2005 Connie Lamm
2006 Michael Starr
2007 Courtney Gibson and Will Tremain
2008 David Reid and Sharon Reid
2009 Sarah Gibson
2010 Dan Saturnino
2011 Jason Grenier
2012 Dave Davidson
2013 Tammy Grenier
2014 Katryn Smith
2015 Ian Thompson
2016 Not Awarded

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C. Ben Davis, NAUI 101, 1925-2014
giving tribute to DHH MacKenzie, 2007

The C. Ben Davis Award

This award is in honour of C. Ben Davis, 1925-2014. He was an honourary club member, educator and international dive leader. 

C. Ben Davis, NAUI Instructor number 101, was Course Director for our first ever NAUI Scuba Diver Certification Course in 1963.  He remained an HHUC supporter throughout the years and attended the HHUC 50th anniversary in 2012 as one of the founders of HHUC.

In 1968 Ben Davis served as President of NAUI International. He has been recognized in Canada, provincially and nationally, for his contributions to the development of scuba diving. He received the following NAUI Awards: the 2002 Hall of Honour and the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The C. Ben Davis Award is “presented to an individual who has completed the Club’s training program, has been diving for at least one season, while demonstrating a respect for safety and the diving environment, with an enquiring mind while seeking out new knowledge and challenges" … as Ben Davis demonstrated his entire life.

The recipient also typically has been diving with the club for more than one season and achieved further training and learning.

Award recipient, Sharon Reid, 2008