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The 55th

L to R: Courtney Gibson, Tammy and Jason Grenier, MC Dave Tanner, MC Sarah Gibson

Our HHUC cornerstone Bob Belcher with club founder Dick Booth

Jim Elliott with students Aristo Kong and Candace Chu

President Martin Bonert and Videographer Ian Thompson

Dining underwater with 67 HHUC guests at the 55th

Legends from the history of diving in Ontario with Jack MacQuarrie

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Reef Madness Revisited
HHUC 55th anniversary 
Saturday, November 25, 2017 

Reef Madness was a great time in the Debates Room with our HHUC family. It started with an elegant cocktail party in the afternoon and a slideshow of epic proportions, provided by Michael Starr, sampling through the complete history of the Club from its beginnings in 1962, to the heydays of the 1970s and 80s to the present scuba diving class and recent Club trips. 

Our eloquent and witty MCs, Sarah Gibson and Dave Tanner, welcomed us and introduced our guest speakers. First up was Bob Belcher on the Milestones of HHUC through the decades. 

We viewed the premiere of the new HHUC promotional video produced by Ian Thompson, and learned about the stunning new website. 

Our Club president, Martin Bonert, described the HHUC activities, dives and successes of the current year and the plans for the coming season. The "Snorkel Sundays" program is growing and has evolved to include fitness and underwater hockey.

The dinner buffet was delicious and provided an opportunity to connect with old friends and new. After dinner, our "Open Mike" segment of the evening was a big success with favourite diving memories, and some special moments in history from Jack MacQuarrie, our first instructor from 1962. Read more about Jack.

Throughout the evening there were many opportunities to take advantage of Courtney Gibson's "Photo Booth".

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