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Laura Hogg

Memories from Laura (Byatt) Hogg   

Wow ... one favourite memory?     
  • making ice cream on the beach on the Western Islands for a formal dinner  
  • or perhaps baking bread there another year  
  • dodging rocks being thrown overboard by the dive boat skipper at Tobermory  
  • feeding hot dogs to the fish in the Moon River at Bala  
  • John seeing a huge fish (really - it was that big!) on a drift dive  
  • scrambling onto our ice floe in the Ottonabee River as we ran over a navigation marker  
  • John's Dad's Volkswagen bus  
  • Gain's tea eggs  
  • dutifully writing up yet another dive log entry "wreck somewhat broken up"  
  • doff and don in the HH pool    
  • walking my bike up the St Clair hill after doff and don in the HH pool  
  • Gerry and Joel's Monty Python routines  
  • the stack on the 'Waome' emerging out of the gloom as we descended  
  • thermoclines  
  • Francis Fowler  
  • many, many happy weekends - great food, great friends, and even some pretty good dives!   

We'll miss you guys.   
Laura Hogg

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Cooking on the beach at Hope Island for the formal dress dinner  

Francis Fowler and the tippy barge on the way to the Waome