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MIT Open Course You may have heard about how MIT is releasing lectures to the public via the Internet. Here is the main link—perhaps a bit high level for the students, but it may be rejuvenating for you. It is like auditing a class at MIT via the Internet—what fun. Some other colleges have started doing this as well if you want to look around. 
Noodle Tools Search Characterization Categorizes various search engines according to appropriate uses and qualities. 
Search Engine Reviews Review various search engines 
Search Engine Tutorial Provides information on how to use Google, Yahoo! Search, and search engines. 
Smart Pens This site is for those of you who are interested in new technology. This smart pen can capture audio, but best of all is that what you write on the accompanying dot paper can be uploaded to a computer—just as you wrote or drew it!! Pretty cool. 
Read the Words This site converts text to speech with an avatar of your choice. The speech can be downloaded to be played as a mp3 file on an iPod or mp3 player. The speech can also be linked to your blog or website.  
Create Slides Online Create PowerPoint type slides using this free online program. 
Teacher Tube It's just like YouTube, only for educators - the best part is that when you are signed in to your free account, none of the videos are blocked! 
School Tube Similar to Teacher Tube, but students can also upload video. 
Amazing Mail Create postcards with your photos and this company will print them out and mail them to addresses you provide (obviously there is a fee involved—but very reasonable). 
Postcards FM Send an audio or movie “postcard” to someone online. 
Photostory Tutorial on how to use Photostory 3 
Thinkfinity This provides access to a variety of online teaching resources for most content areas. 
Learning Disabilities This site has information on learning disabilities. 
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