Let us use understandable language — to build an understanding world!

What is the value of language?
(Welchen Wert|Nutzen hat die Sprache?)

  • Ask a poet
  • Ask a philosopher
  • Ask a scientist
  • Ask mankind
  • Ask history
  • Ask a child
  • Ask the universe
  • Ask ... a translation agency (2007) (=>update for 2008)
      • 30, 20, 10 ct/word? or even less? Culture for sale?
      • 0 ct for "100% matches"? (look here for more 100% myths)
      • ... in the end, each one gets what they deserve, is said AND this could be something like this delicious example of a quality keyboard manual translation

Know your language ... understand your words
(Seine Sprache kennen – verstehen, was man sagt)

Hechtsuppe, Beinbruch und der gute Rutsch

(strongly recommended for all those who believe to know German, but don't)

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