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Performing is an important skill for any pianist.  Despite the hard work involved, in the long run, the students find it a rewarding activity.

Performing at the recitals can be a scary experience for anybody of any age and many times that nervousness is apparent in the students’ presentation. One of goals is to equip students with practical skills they can use throughout their lives. Through upcoming recital, I want to encourage students to learn how to present themselves well in front of an audience even if they might be feeling scared.

The benefits for the students are perhaps of even greater importance.  It provides greater direction to their piano study.  Sometimes a student loses motivation and progress becomes slow.  It’s helpful to have a long-term goal to work towards, other than seemingly endless weekly lessons.

Recitals allow each student to hear their fellow students play.  This is important for two reasons: a) Hearing the young beginners play reminds them how far they have progressed since their first lesson.  b) Hearing the more advanced students may cause them to aspire to become better pianists.  It is important for students to hear other performers play so they stay enthused and to get their creative juices flowing.

Parents also enjoy hearing the progress. Grandparents and parents love attending performances and getting pictures/video recordings of their child’s performance.  There’s something special about watching your child all dressed up and playing a special piece for an audience onstage.  

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